Tiburon Tunic Icon

Stella Carakasi - The Power of Design  Style is not about being someone you’re not. It's personal. It's about manifesting confidence and feeling right with who you are without even knowing why. It's about summoning the power of the senses to communicate security and ease. Think about that favorite garment, that go-to piece in your… Continue reading Tiburon Tunic Icon

New Year – New Direction

New Year - New Direction 2018 marks our 25th anniversary and we are celebrating this incredible milestone by taking our company into a new and exciting direction that I will be sharing with you soon. I know 25 years is a long time so for those of you who have joined us more recently, I would like to start by out by inviting you on a short trip down memory lane.

Frugal Innovation in Fashion

Carrie Motamedi is a guest blogger. Carrie lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two active boys. She's passionate about cooking, baseball and inspiring people to make things. This year at SXSW Interactive Week in Austin, TX, I put a panel together on “Frugal Innovation”  which is a concept gaining popularity in the tech… Continue reading Frugal Innovation in Fashion

Looks for Every Body # 10: A Black & White Story

In case you are just joining us, my name is Yarra, I am the Director of Customer Engagement at Stella Carakasi. Stella Carakasi designs for many body shapes in each collection she creates (she designs 8 collections a year). The Looks For Every Body series has been created to explore the different body-positive looks that… Continue reading Looks for Every Body # 10: A Black & White Story

Travel with Stella

Vivian here, just back from a trip to France and Spain. I brought Stella along, and I'm happy to report that she travels well! And just to clarify, I'm not talking about my gal pal the Head Designer, but rather our clothes 🙂 All I can say is that I'm grateful for how easy it… Continue reading Travel with Stella

New Basics

Hi, I'm Yarra the Director of Customer Engagement and the head of our retail boutiques at Stella Carakasi. The arrival of our Fall 2013 collection in the store and online has created a frenzy by our customers and by the team members at Stella Carakasi's headquarters. In the midst of all the excitement at the… Continue reading New Basics