Designer’s Notebook: Color Story for Early Fall

[Designer's Notebook: Color Workshop for Early Fall] For fall, Stella presents a line up of rich neutrals that have an old world aesthetic. Neutrals are complemented by fresh bamboo, bittersweet and cameo, then harmonized by a vivid, watercolor mesh print. Ivory, that warm white keeps everything on the lighter side... Gives the moody colors an elegant… Continue reading Designer’s Notebook: Color Story for Early Fall

More Fall Transition Style Tips

More fall transition styles from Allegra! It's that time of the year where summer is having its last hoorah and fall is sauntering in. The remaining days are still warm, but the nights are cooling off.  Here are some early fall looks that add a dash of summer to ease you into the next season.… Continue reading More Fall Transition Style Tips

Romancing Fall

I've spent most of my career in corporate where language usage is direct and simple. Not simple like stupid, simple like globally understandable. For example, if I were to describe our signature tee, the Sure Thing Tee, I would talk about it in the following manner: "A long, comfortable t-shirt with long sleeves and a rounded… Continue reading Romancing Fall

Fall Shipments Arriving!

Just when we thought we had a moment to breathe, the trucks started pulling in and palettes of boxes are being delivered every day. Yahoo! Fall shipments are coming in!!   I had a fabu conversation with John Crumb, who drove this truck and picked up the first shipment of boxes from customs. He loves one-of-a-kind… Continue reading Fall Shipments Arriving!