How to Dress After 40 Without Having to Keep Up with The Latest Trends

If you’re having a hard time finding a wardrobe that works for you after 40, we’ve got you covered! How to dress after 40, the Stella Carakasi way!

What is a Capsule Wardrobe and How to Create One

If you want a clothing collection that will save you money, last you season over season, and is sustainable, it’s time to create a capsule wardrobe!

Not Sure What to Wear? Go for the Classic White Shirt!

A crisp, white shirt is a necessity in every women’s wardrobe because it can be styled and worn in many different ways!

Looks We Love: Wardrobe Essentials You’ll Want to Keep Now and Forever

We believe that it only takes a few good wardrobe essentials to create a variety of fresh, stylish looks. Read on to know more!

Casual Elegance: How to Wear and Style the Tiburon Tunic

There’s nothing better than investing in a piece of clothing that you can wear multiple ways and season after season. Today, we’re breaking down what makes our Tiburon Tunic so special and how to style it. Keep reading to learn more.  Meet the Tiburon Tunic Our Tiburon Tunic is one of our top-selling styles—and for… Continue reading Casual Elegance: How to Wear and Style the Tiburon Tunic

Our Favorite Casual Lifestyle Essentials and Ways To Wear Them

There is no denying that the clothes we wear affect the way we feel and while this pandemic has changed so many aspects of our daily lives, forever changing our future, it has also changed the way we dress. In the beginning, we enjoyed living in the comfort of our sweats and PJs but quickly… Continue reading Our Favorite Casual Lifestyle Essentials and Ways To Wear Them

Everlasting Style: Iconic Shirts and Elegant Blouses

I don’t know about you, but I pretty much live in this quintessential style year-round. Whether stand-alone or paired with statement accessories or your closet favorites, the classic shirt is the lead character in every outfit. It’s a blank canvas that dictates the rest of the look. But that’s easier said than done. Sure, you… Continue reading Everlasting Style: Iconic Shirts and Elegant Blouses

How to Look Sophisticated in Leggings

All dressed down with somewhere to go? Want to look stylish and sophisticated in leggings without giving up comfort? We hear you! Leggings are a ubiquitous form of clothing as it is found in the wardrobe of every woman. There are many ways you can work them into your personal style for a variety of… Continue reading How to Look Sophisticated in Leggings

Tiburon Tunic Icon

Stella Carakasi - The Power of Design  Style is not about being someone you’re not. It's personal. It's about manifesting confidence and feeling right with who you are without even knowing why. It's about summoning the power of the senses to communicate security and ease. Think about that favorite garment, that go-to piece in your… Continue reading Tiburon Tunic Icon

Defining your personal style

Personal style is self-expression without saying a word. Being who you are no matter what event or situation you might find yourself in.