Sustainable Fashion Must-Haves

Sustainable fashion brands to love

Gone are the days when eco-friendly clothing meant boring basics and unflattering silhouettes! In 2021, we’re all about keeping our planet healthy while still looking stylish and fashion-forward! Today, we’re breaking down what sustainability means to us and sharing a few designs from our favorite sustainable fashion brands. What does sustainability mean to us? At Stella Carakasi, we know how… Continue reading Sustainable Fashion Must-Haves

How to Make A Simple Outfit Look Sophisticated

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to stay on top of the trends or constantly shop to look stylish and sophisticated. In fact, the most fashionable outfits start with basics that can be worn in many different ways throughout every season! If you’re looking for some new fashion tips for women to help reinvent… Continue reading How to Make A Simple Outfit Look Sophisticated

Defining your personal style

Personal style is self-expression without saying a word. Being who you are no matter what event or situation you might find yourself in.

Fall: Arriving in Style

What should you wear this Fall when there are so many beautiful styles to choose from? At Stella Carakasi, we are eagerly anticipating more beautiful Fall clothes from Stella next week! New arrivals will include romantic felted lace coats and funky alpaca sweaters. I am plotting my wardrobe staples for the months of cooler weather to come...… Continue reading Fall: Arriving in Style

Vegas, Baby!

Vegas is not an easy place to recover from, no matter what reasons inspired you to go there in the first place. The combination of heat, over-oxygenated air, and cigarettes are enough to put one over the edge -- unless, of course, you like that kind of cocktail. We took our little party on the… Continue reading Vegas, Baby!

Lauren Wolf’s Jewelry at Stella Carakasi

Lauren Wolf's Stingray Collection has an organic elegance that is harmoniously delicate and bold. Wolf allows the material's natural state to come through while contrasting complex raw edges and textures with the minimalism of her design. Her pieces layer incredibly easily and will quickly become a staple in your accessory collection. We are thrilled to… Continue reading Lauren Wolf’s Jewelry at Stella Carakasi