Personal Style: Goth Girl Comes of (“A Certain”) Age

carrieCarrie Motamedi is a guest blogger. Carrie lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, two active boys and two German Shepard Rescues. She’s passionate about cooking, baseball and the advancement of women. Carrie is the publicist for “A Revolution in Four Seasons” and serves on the Leadership Council for Girls’ Festival.

I just read an article about how older women should stop wearing all black at a certain age because it is harsh on older women. I call BS! Other studies show wearing black makes people think you are sexier, smarter and more confident!  And BTW, what does “older” even mean? If you ask a school age kid they will say 30. If you ask a 30-something, they will say 40 etc. So I guess a certain age is just whoever is older than the person writing the article….

1737806_402478766564610_1016635236_nThat said, I do feel myself wanting to move slightly away from my all-black look inspired by my college goth days when my laundry sorting was done around clothes that were black or not mine.

My friends even started to tire of my all black after many years and encouraged me to mix it up a little. My biggest inspiration for this is a fabulous friend and artist Isabel Samaras who knows about color and making a statement in her work which is rich in color, as are her clothes.  (You can see more of her work on Instagram at So, for a while, I started adding some splashes of gray (I know, I know – baby steps) or even all gray as the new all black and maybe some oatmeal here and there…

Carrie and friends. Mix black with color for a dramatic look.

However, when I want to be classy but not sure how dressy I need to be, all black is my creature of comfort. What I have discovered in working with Stella Carakasi’s team is that you can add a statement piece that doesn’t have to be color. It can be texture, intelligent design, lines, and details. So even when I’m head-to-toe black, I keep it from being flat by adding mesh, zippers, a serene color or other things that complement black.  I am having so much fun mixing it up with all of Stella Carakasi’s designs (not to mention the fun jewelry and lux handbags and other accessories they carry at Stella Studio!) that I have actually forgotten how old I am!

Carrie in a Stella Carakasi tunic and pants.
Carrie with her son at graduation in Stella tunic and jacket.



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