Designer’s Notebook: Color Story for Early Fall

[Designer’s Notebook: Color Workshop for Early Fall]

For fall, Stella presents a line up of rich neutrals that have an old world aesthetic. Neutrals are complemented by fresh bamboo, bittersweet and cameo, then harmonized by a vivid, watercolor mesh print.

Lovely Layers Top
From left to right – Tops in Ivory, Storm & Bittersweet

Ivory, that warm white keeps everything on the lighter side… Gives the moody colors an elegant sophistication and keeps light neutrals on the natural side of the light spectrum.

Storm, now that’s a mysterious color – like watching clouds that are starting to gather -shades of grey washed in blue. It’s neutral camouflage-like appeal looks great on almost everyone. Storm is a great compliment to rich dark colors, white and earthy neutrals. You can’t miss with this cool “non-color.”

Bittersweet (think chocolate) is beautiful and rich. For fall, we chose the most luxurious shade and washed it in deep burgundy! Soothing and sophisticated, this color is a great kick off for the fall with staying power all season long.

And Mojave – brings the laid back luxe of the world traveler, whose neutrals always look stylish.


Cameo is soft and striking. It is a blush of color that is not overpowering. Its subtle mixture of terra-cotta and autumn sunrise brings a fresh perspective to start fall. Discover the color for fall that will make the shorter days vibrant and warm.

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