Looks for Every Body # 9: Fresh Looks!

Yarra here, reflecting on who we want to be when we dress. It is something I have been musing about this week after reading the following quote from Cate Blanchett: “For a lot of women, clothes don’t reflect who they are – but who they want to be.” This is relatable to me because often I take the fake-it-until-you-make-it approach. Somehow dressing nicely and being put together makes me feel better even when I’m tired or fighting a cold.

The Looks for Every Body series shows how Stella Carakasi designs for everybody. In the Stella Studio I hear a lot of women say “Oh, you have to be tall and skinny to wear these clothes.” This series is to show how women of any shape and size can look fabulous in Stella’s designs! These clothes are much more about an attitude of confidence than of fitting into a rigid mold.

Inverted_TriangleeditInverted Triangle: For all body shapes you want to play up your assets. Your gams have the goods in our Ready to Wear Leggings (available in black). Try layering a denim skirt over the leggings for a funky look and top with Stella’s mood elevating Feel Good Tunic (shown in black). Enjoy this outfit on the weekends or during a busy commute. Accessories such as the handmade chain and a pair of wedges will also instantly elevate this easy going outfit.


Rectangle: It’s back! One of our all time favorite styles the Tiburon Tunic (shown in white)! For the rectangle body shape this is an excellent choice to add drama to your form. Belt the Tiburon Tunic  and wear with the Reality Check Ankle Pants (available in black) and you will have a very updated Audrey Hepburn look.

Circle3editCircle: For the circle body shape the Life is Good Top (shown in citron) is both flattering and easy to wear. This beauty of a high low top has an adorable satin trim detail on the back. It flows and layers with ease over the Incomparable Ankle Pants (available in black). Add a statement necklace such as the one shown and you are ready to imagine a Roman Holiday.

Triangle2editTriangle: For the triangle body shape think modern: clean design and smart layering. The Aspirations Sweater (shown in white) sets the tone for this clean monochromatic look. Layer the Skirt the Issue (available in black) over the Ready to Wear Leggings (available in black) and you have sleek layers to complement any tunics in your wardrobe. Add a transparent scarf like the one shown over a white sweater showcasing tonal variation.

Hourglass2editHourglass: Is it a dress? That’s what customers ask about the Cloud Cover Tunic (available in print). It does read like a short dress, leggings or opaque tights are needed for taller body types. The shape is that of an exaggerated tank with a handkerchief hem line. The beautiful sumi-ink motif print floats effortlessly over an anti-pill jersey lining. Wear over Stella’s latest ponte knit Stepping Out Leggings (available in black). Add a little bling and you will look fabulous darling!

My hope is that the clothes we wear make us feel more confident and relaxed in our own skin so that we can go out in the world and accomplish the amazing tasks in our lives. On the Stella Carakasi team and in our customers, I meet amazing women every day who work extremely hard to make this world a better place. Thank you for your hard work, it makes a huge difference.

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