Looks for Every Body # 6

Yarra here, amazed that we are on the sixth edition of this blog. Thank you to everyone who has been following these posts! The outfits for this week’s post are about an upbeat attitude and finding joy in dressing. With it being cold and gloomy outside, it’s easy to get into a style rut. Mix it up by introducing some color and body positive silhouettes!


Inverted Triangle: The color palette for this outfit was influenced by a lot of combinations I see on the street. I love how the coriander Time Will Tell Cardigan plays off of the statement necklace. Not-so-basic jersey separates, Future Perfect Top (shown in ivory) and the Bottom Line Pants (shown in black), bring together a shape that draws attention to the lower half of the figure. The dolman sleeves of the cardigan also complement the broad shoulders of the inverted triangle.


Rectangle: Creating curves is the goal for a figure that is a bit straight up and down. The Feel Good Tunic (shown in Tuscan rose) instantly does this by adding a swoosh across the neckline and drapes along the torso. Emphasize the line of the tunic even more with a long necklace. Get some street cred with the Modern Mix Jacket (available in black), and you’ll look like you just arrived from a shopping trip in NYC. Stella’s better-than-basic Ready to Wear Leggings (shown in black) provide the perfect foundation for this snappy ensemble.


Circle: Frame your figure in a luxurious knit over body-flattering foundational pieces. The Why Not Cardigan (mélange knit) provides the best of both worlds — coverage and form. Worn over the At Ease Top (shown in black) and the Clear Cut Skirt (shown in mink), this outfit echoes sophistication with each layer. Top it with a necklace and pair with winter boots or heels, and vavoom!


Triangle: For this figure, we know you are sensitive about the bottom half of your body. I’ll say it again: the Slimming Ankle Pants (shown in black) are the answer. These pants feel great and they are tight where the need be, providing support and confidence to those who wear them. Play up the positive with the Over Everything Cardigan (shown in shadow) paired with the Either Way Top (shown in port) and an infinity scarf. Look and feel great in this easy going and stylish look.


Hourglass: Opposites attract with the shape of this outfit. The side slit of the Next in Line Sweater (shown in ash) creates a diagonal line that draws attention to the waist and hem of the Endless Ease Skirt (shown in shiraz). Tie the soft ash tones of the sweater and the bright saturated color of the shiraz skirt with a printed scarf like the one shown by Shawlsmith London.

Bring out your best this season. Feel deeply, breathe and take pictures. Time flies when your having fun!

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