Love Your Positives

Vivian here sharing more thoughts about our Looks for Every Body campaign –

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You may be asking why in the world would we touch a “taboo” subject like women’s body types? After much discussion about how women experience their bodies over time, I always return to a few simple truths: 1) we know we are aging, 2) we appreciate the wisdom, but not the wrinkles, and 3) we are really great at hating our “faults”, and we really suck at lovin’ our “positives.”

Yes, and unfortunately we are not perfect anymore. But neither were we born that way, mind you. And if you remember back to when we were younger, we also hated our faults then. Over time, we’ve just learned to appreciate what we had way back when.

Oh well.

When I was 28 and saw wrinkles above my knees for the first time, I got depressed. At 35 when I realized my boobs were not quite as perky and my butt started sagging, I had a hissy fit. Following my second child at 40, I pouted because my stomach became forever pouchy. And at 45, I’ve come to terms with the laws of gravity, but now have changed my focus to hating every white hair that thrives on my head.

Clearly I have yet to learn how to appreciate what I have NOW, so I invite you all into the new practice of LOVIN’ our POSITIVES! Gravity is here to stay, so why not do as Yarra says — if it’s dull outside (in this case, inside), just put on some SPARKLE and GLAM it up!!

Next steps: 1) Figure out your body type (you may be in between two), 2) claim your positives, and 3) dress ’em up and flaunt them (y’all know what I mean)!! Be sure to check out the weekly Looks for Every Body posts and style boards that were designed to help you do just that. SNAP SNAP!! And SNAP!!

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