Looks for Every Body # 2

Yarra here, thinking about silhouettes and how what we present to the world transforms how we see ourselves. It’s really all about context. When you take the time to look your best, you feel good! Our job at Stella Carakasi is to simplify this process for you.

At Stella Carakasi we know that no woman is a cookie-cutter shape. Hopefully you’ll relate to a couple of the body shapes we present, and the tips to help you accentuate your most beautiful self.


The Hourglass: You want to accentuate your waist by choosing items that don’t overwhelm your silhouette. With this outfit, the Overachiever Tunic (in print) subtly shows your waist. Wear it with the Ready To Wear Leggings (in black) to draw the eye to the ankle, which will elongate your silhouette. Top this outfit with a lovely necklace, and the look can go from day to night with ease.


The Triangle: Balance broad shoulders with the softness of the cowl/scarf of the Signature Top (in shiraz). Create interest in the bottom half of your figure with the Endless Ease Skirt (in black). This is a lovely sophisticated look that is both versatile and comfortable!


The Circle: Try layering structured and flowing items. The Slimming Ankle Pants (in Black) provide a great foundation for layering the Statement Top (in Dakota) and the Modern Mix Jacket (in Black). Try unzipping the Modern Mix Jacket just slightly on the top and the bottom, and treat the jacket like a cardigan. You will love how the high-low of this jacket elongates and balances your figure.


The Inverted Triangle: Luscious layers embrace your body shape. With the Must Have it Sweater (in Ceylon), a high waist is gently highlighted with uneven layers of knit that cascade over the Form and Function Skirt (in Dakota). Either item can be used with other items in your closet to accentuate your figure.


The Rectangle: Create curves and sassiness with this sophisticated and funky mix. The Works Every Time Sweater (in Frost) is a luxury alpaca knit that juxtaposes beautifully with the sleekness of Stella’s new basic Look Sharp Leggings (in Mink). Create volume where needed with the asymmetry of the sweater while elongating the figure with the contrast of the smoothing leggings.

Wear these styles with confidence, and you may see yourself and the world in a new way. Whatever shape you are, we hope that Stella is helping you to embrace it and have more fun exploring your personal sense of style. Happy shopping!

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