Looks for Every Body #1

It’s Yarra here with some outfit ideas to accentuate the positives for every body. Here’s to looking great and feeling great this Fall!

inv triangle

The Inverted Triangle

Stella’s Feel Good Tunic does just that — it’s an instant remedy for the style “blahs.” For the Inverted Triangle body shape, the drape of this tunic plays up your assets! Your shape is perfect to carry the drape of this tunic. Larger shoulders are minimized by the subtle fabric manipulations that form a diagonal across the chest and midsection. The Slimming Ankle Pants serve as great foundation wear for any body shape.


The Rectangle

The twist of the Strike a Pose Sweater  creates more curves for the Rectangle body shape. The melange knit provides texture and vertical lines on the front of the body, which adds curves geometrically. The Either Way Top serves as a feminine layering piece. The Bottom Line Ankle Pants pulls this look together by adding movement and volume, emphasizing the waist as the focal point of the outfit.


The Circle

Embrace the curves of the Circle and highlight the positives! The Street Smart Jacket with its subtle hi-low works to elongate the figure and balance volume in the center of the body. The Clear Cut Skirt creates a clean foundation that also compliments the texture and flair of the jacket. By layering over the Just Enough Top, the waist line is broken and attention is focused on the sophistication of the ensemble.


The Triangle

In this outfit, the Clear Cut Skirt is used as a shaper for the silhouette. I think of this skirt as a secret weapon: it conceals lumps and bumps like magic! Feminine draping is introduced with the Future Perfect Top. The waist is highlighted with the Two Way Shrug, shown here with a shawl collar.


The Hourglass

The Works Dress is fantastic for an Hourglass shape. While many people think an hourglass shape can wear anything, it is important not to hide your proportions. Hourglass figures should choose outfits that do not overwhelm. Love the Works Dress and you’re not an hourglass? Create the illusion of an hourglass by belting or layering with a vest or leather jacket. Layering with a vest or jacket and leaving the top layer open frames an hourglass for any figure.

What challenges do you have when dressing for Fall with your body shape? I find I am always cold, and when I layer up too much, I can look frumpy because my waist gets hidden. I add warmth by wearing sleek layers like Stella’s Look Sharp Leggings with sweaters and jackets. These pants help me channel my style!

Please share your tips and triumphs. What items in your closet help you channel your style?

~ Yarra

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