Travel with Stella

Vivian here, just back from a trip to France and Spain. I brought Stella along, and I’m happy to report that she travels well! And just to clarify, I’m not talking about my gal pal the Head Designer, but rather our clothes 🙂

All I can say is that I’m grateful for how easy it is to travel with my Stellawear. The clothes are not only versatile, but comfortable and ready-to-wear. I am not patient or easy on my clothes when I travel — they have to work for me, not against me! And I’m happy to report that they went easily from suitcase to hanger, and after a quick steam, onto my body and out the door!

Here are the items I chose, along with 1 pair of black leggings + 2 pairs of coated jeans + 1 black top (ok, I did bring a few other items but did not end up wearing them!):


Next in Line Sweater (black)
I love, love, love this sweater! It’s my new favorite for on-the-go comfort and style. Keeps me warm and cozy, hints to the traditional cotton knit, but surprises with a sexy hip! I got plenty of glances with this one when I wore my contrasting metallic-coated jeans (“Well, aren’t you all that!”). On other occasions, I wore it with black leggings and black boots for a more subdued silhouette.


Just Enough Top (alabaster)
This silky top gave me the dressed-up sheen without the headaches of ironing (I hate ironing). I wore it with and without the Two Way Shrug, depending upon the occasion, the weather, and the pants. Long story short, it’s an easy one to dress up or down, depending upon your shoes and accessories.


Two Way Shrug (shadow)
Typically, I’m not a shrug kind of gal, but I tried it and liked it! I wore it with the Just Enough Top with the points at the collar, which created nice visual interest at the top and a nice line on my bottom. The fabric weight was perfect to moderate the changing temperatures (cool to hot!). It can be an item of intrigue if worn with all black, or part of your silhouette if worn with similar-colored bottoms.


Fit to Flatter Top (shiraz)
What can I say, but, “va-va-voom!” The rich shiraz and fascinating draping at the front are not things that deny attention, so beware! Dress it up with black leggings and heels, or down with jeans and boots. Either way, it’s a quick steam away from inspiring your next adventure 🙂

About Town Coat (black) — not shown
This is a Fall 2012 style made from the same cotton metal twill fabric as the Now or Never Jacket. I am thrilled that I can scrunch it, stuff it in my suitcase, then pull it out and wear it. It is the most versatile jacket I own, as it works with my mood-driven style and equally unpredictable weather conditions. I simply won’t part with it!

Now, even though I’m a seasoned road warrior, don’t take my word for it — bring Stella on your next trip and let us know what you think!!

~ Vivian

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