Fall Transitions

Fall is a time of transition, no matter how you cut it. The weather gets cooler, leaves begin to turn yellow,  schools start up, and people wake up with a jolt from the summer. It’s certainly a time to figure out how to bridge wardrobes, but also how to bridge life in general.

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Vivian here, using my life as an example. If you read my Vegas, Baby! post, you know that I just sent my first-born to college. Even though it’s been almost two weeks, I’m still not used to it. In fact, I find myself tearing up randomly, like in Trader Joe’s when I look at his snacks. And it’s just plain odd to see the doors to his room open with light and oxygen circulating freely.

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On the other side, my daughter just turned 5 and started Kindergarten. I was sniffling in the kitchen one day, and she asked me, “Mommy, why do your eyes look funny?” I said it was because I missed her brother. She jumped up and said, “But I’m here, mommy, I’m here!” And all I could think was, “OMG I have THIRTEEN more years before I send her off!” Lord, help me.

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Here’s Jordan picking apples at her pre-school teacher’s house. Despite missing Griselda, Jordan is adjusting to K just fine. We made some apple pies, one of which I hand delivered to my son today. After an hour of bumper-to-bumper traffic, I got a big hug, a thank you, and a kiss goodbye. Total time together, 3 minutes. He’s clearly more than fine (but is that all I get for 14 hours of labor??)

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I am actually quite inspired by how my children are handling the transitions. They are present and excited, eager to meet the challenges. I am here, watching and admiring, ready to give a hug and a kiss when they need it. My practice right now is letting go so they can test their wings and fly. Darn it’s hard. But through my tears, I am happy and proud.

As with all transitions, life is just uncomfortable right now. It’s a jumble of activities and emotions, sometimes high and sometimes low, and sometimes all at the same time… Glad the sun is coming up high in the Bay Area. We are beginning to experience our real summer, which always makes me smile 🙂

What transitions are you experiencing right now?

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