Vegas, Baby!

Vegas is not an easy place to recover from, no matter what reasons inspired you to go there in the first place. The combination of heat, over-oxygenated air, and cigarettes are enough to put one over the edge — unless, of course, you like that kind of cocktail.

We took our little party on the road to the STITCH trade show to debut our Spring 2014 collection. The motley crew left Saturday and returned Wednesday late evening. Here’s Charlene with a “not-so-sure” smile as she had already been on the road for 2 weeks. We arrived in 110 degree heat, but got her to smile after a nice dinner (and a few).

IMG_2118 IMG_2120 IMG_2129 IMG_2131

On Sunday morning, bright and early, we went to set up on the trade show floor. The Venetian is like LA – big and expansive, with freeways of people running this way and that. Here’s Emily taking a call near a cactus en route. She’s the one who always knows what’s going on, and we are always trying to keep up with her. Thank god for Emily.

IMG_7100 IMG_7106

By 3:00 pm, we were all set up in our booth. We kicked off our sales meeting, giving our wonderful sales reps an update on all the exciting things happening at Stella. In particular, we had a great review and discussion about the Spring 2014 collection. In the group photo, left to right: Mark Garland (Southeast), Jean & Mary Jo Pamperin (Midwest), Miriana Ojeda (Western) and Janice Taylor (South Central). Sorry we missed you, Andy Bazelle (Northeast/Mid-Atlantic) and Tim Aikenhead (Canada)!

IMG_7119 IMG_7114IMG_7133 IMG_7139

We celebrated our partnership with a fabulous dinner. This crew is comprised of really good people who like to work together and have fun, so the energy, vibe and conversation throughout the day was exhilarating. It is truly an honor to be part of the Stella family!

IMG_2148 IMG_2149

Over the three days, we had great reactions from customers, both old and new. Existing customers are pleased with the way the collection is developing, and there were many ooohs and aaaahs in the booth. New customers were delighted to discover us — and pleasantly surprised at the price, considering our style, quality and uniqueness. YAY!!

IMG_7161 photo 5 IMG_7178 IMG_7236

All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl, so of course we went out to some yummy dinners and dubious places to whoop it up. Steven, seriously, an Irish pub? A dueling piano bar? We had a fabu time kicking up our heels — here are some photos that my son would not want to see of me (I’ve made them smaller to be less incriminating).

photo 11 photo 1 IMG_7202 IMG_7205 IMG_7230 IMG_7242 IMG_7219 photo 17

Breaking down the booth was tough after a grueling three days, but we are a team that does not give up (especially under Emily’s command 🙂 We folded the clothes into the trunks, dismantled the mannequins, organized and boxed all the supplies, and then headed out for our late flight. We were exhausted and elated from a great trade show, and really happy to be homebound.

IMG_7271 IMG_7275IMG_7278 IMG_7280

I’m going to close my post with a picture of my son, Brandon. I moved him to college on the following day, so this week has been a roller coaster of activities and emotions. I love this photo as it exemplifies him — determined and focused, but relaxed with great style; skateboards in one hand, ironing board in the other. He is perhaps the only young man to show up with an ironing board, but he knows what he likes and he likes his shirts!


Ok, next week we are back on track uncovering and discovering our Fall collection (with more regularity, for goodness sakes). AND we also have some groovy surprises for Labor Day Weekend!



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