Fall Shipments Arriving!

Just when we thought we had a moment to breathe, the trucks started pulling in and palettes of boxes are being delivered every day. Yahoo! Fall shipments are coming in!!

IMG_7031 IMG_7034

I had a fabu conversation with John Crumb, who drove this truck and picked up the first shipment of boxes from customs. He loves one-of-a-kind ties and dressing up in suits, and we talked about the great vibe and feel-good that comes with great style. Don’t we know it! And I just love the fact that fashion is a topic that makes people smile 🙂

IMG_7046 IMG_7040 IMG_7075 IMG_7071

We need lots of extra hands to unpack and check all the clothing. It’s a real team effort and there is a big focus on making sure our inventory is accurate, up to our quality standards, and allocated appropriately to our wholesale customers, our Stella Studio and online store. From top to bottom, left to right, meet: Muoi (Spec Assistant), Francisca (Head of QC) & Veronica (QC), and Efrain (Shipping Assistant).

IMG_7051 IMG_7072 IMG_7063 IMG_7073

This is Ernesto, who heads our warehouse and shipping. As you can tell from the piles and piles of boxes, organization is key to productivity as well as safety. He runs a tight ship and turns the jumbles of boxes into nice, neat rows of product for pulling and distribution. We are on-time with our shipments to our customers, yahoo!

IMG_7083 IMG_7081

OK, ok, I hear you loud and clear: “Enough with the boxes, already! When do we get to shop?” The answer is: “SOON!” In fact, we are working our tails off as we speak to get the goods available and ready in our Stella Studio by Friday and online store by early next week. In the meantime, check out our Early Fall preview. Here’s Muoi, helping to QC our Take Note Vest from the Fall 1 collection (oops, sorry, you can’t have that one just yet 🙂

So, what else does Fall mean? It means that summer sales are in FULL SWING! Buy now, cuz SALE FEVER is running HIGH and inventory is running LOW! Shop ’til you drop and save BIG!

Next up: after Fall is in our store, we are off to Las Vegas & NYC to the tradeshows to bring our Spring 2014 Collection to market! Yes, we never really stop running (and in heels, no less)!

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