Amy, a Real Woman

I feel compelled to write a blog about Amy, our extraordinary model and the face of Stella Carakasi. Why? Because I spent two full days with her watching her “do her thing” — and in between the many scenes and styles and shots, appreciating her as a person.

Amy is one of those exquisite creatures who is genetically differentiated. She has a perfect model face and figure; tall and lean, she is appropriately proportioned with legs that go on forever. Her eyes are big and lashes are thick and long. And she is tanned to perfection — an even golden brown, without a single blemish or mark. And it’s all real.

IMG_6947 IMG_6948

She is no doubt, the perfect woman to envy. And I surmise that most women would not even consider her a “real woman” because of her natural perfection. But here’s what I loved observing over the two days: she is every bit a real woman as you and me (just younger – ok, a lot younger).

Modeling is not easy, and if you are in LA, it’s cutthroat competitive. And even if you are naturally gifted, you have to work hard to get your giggs and keep your clients, because there are many more like you. And you really can’t be stupid, because beauty really only goes so far. So I have to respect a gal who is both drop-dead gorgeous and college educated, and is smart about what to leverage when. Because a career in modeling does not last long.

So how was Amy on our photo shoot? She was always on-time, focused, willing to take direction, and try new things. She was fun and positive to be around, and inclusive in all conversations. She never complained about the heat, or changing in the car, or going until 2pm when we broke for lunch (and she ate BIG lunches). She was quick to change clothes, always keeping up with the team, and never slowing us down.

Spring 2014-1908 Spring 2014-1989

In short, she was a pleasure to work with — 10 hours a day, for two days running. She added great chemistry to the team, and there is no doubt that the fabulous results were not just due to her beauty. It was because it was truly a team effort, and she was in every dimension a team player, bringing her great energy and talents to bear with the rest of us.

So, thank you Amy for showing us all that your kind of beauty is more than skin deep. We are so proud to have you as the face of Stella Carakasi — for your intelligence, for your spirit, for your smile, and yes, for your immense beauty that runs fully and deeply. Go rock the world, girrrrrl!

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