What’s Behind a Photo Shoot?

Vivian here a bit exhausted — but very elated — from the activities of last week. Our Stella Studio Grand Opening Celebration exceeded our expectations, so thank you ALL for your support. We are all thrilled and still buzzing from the excitement!! Woohoo!!

As I promised in my last blog, I’m sharing some behind-the-scenes action on the photo shoot in Newport Beach. Some folks might be wondering if it’s all fantasy and beauty like the images portray. I am here to say, no it is not. Let’s just start with our 8-hour drive down south, arriving at 3:30am after being rerouted around LA multiple times, with a headache and a soon-to-be 5-year old who had asked every 5 minutes, “are we there yet?” “are we there yet?” “are we there yet?” No we are not.


Went to bed around 4am and arrived at the shoot at 10am. Under the direction of Allan, they had started at 9, drank all the coffee, and were rockin’ hard. The studio was dark to create mood — and hot, to build character. We had a great time exploring energy and vibe. After each outfit, we checked the photos on the computer to see what we had captured. We cheered and goofed around between shots while Allan fussed. We were all sweating in the name of creativity. The fan was our friend, and we rigged it from the rafters to maximize our flow.

IMG_6750 IMG_6605 IMG_6603 IMG_6636  

Day one was spent in the studio, but on day two, we ventured out guerilla style! It’s hard to stay under-the-radar in Orange County, so we left busy Newport Beach and headed to lazier Fullerton. Here we are scouting and shooting incognito at different locations. We prepped and changed out of my hot car, and somehow my car battery died along the way. At 2:30pm we stopped for an extended lunch where we cooled down and Allan lost his patience… Stay focused, people!

IMG_6759 IMG_6787IMG_6832 IMG_6876

This was a very successful 2 days and a truly stellar team. Together with the team back home, we created the BEST photo shoot EVER for Stella Carakasi (sorry, you’ll have to wait a little :)! The Spring 2014 samples looked amazing, and we are excited to debut the collection in markets starting this week!!


From left to right: Kevin (master of photography), Amy (model extraordinaire), Star (hair, makeup & human GPS), Esther (Kevin’s partner & extra set of eyes on everything), Allan (creative director & uber fusser), and moi.

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