Stella Studio Grand Opening Celebration!!

Vivian here feeling guilty because I’m late on this post regarding our Stella Studio Grand Opening, but I do have a good excuse. After our fabulous event, my husband Jeff, daughter Jordan, and I drove 8 hours down to Newport Beach for our 2-day photo shoot. Now that we are done, I’m back to where I left off, so join me! (and yes, I promise more on the shoot early next week when I get back into the office…)

Back to Day 10: Wednesday, July 31st – GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION!!

Our team worked hard up to the last minute before our grand opening. The crew was still in the store installing curtain rods, fixing electrical, and building a mannequin stage until 4pm when our doors opened. Our store associates were merchandising, accessorizing, and finessing the store, while folks in the Design House were preparing food for the party. That’s Emily below, our Director of Development & Sourcing helping out with signage. Say “cheese” Emily! She hates having her photo taken 🙂

IMG_1833 IMG_1845 IMG_1842 IMG_1837

At 3:30, we were ready for our special guests and welcomed Lama Lakshey Zangpo and Kersten Ancheta from the Joru Foundation, Julia Hannafin from Berkeleyside (check out the article!), and Berkeley Councilmembers Susan Wengraf and Laurie Capitelli. Stella gave them a short history of the company, along with a behind-the-scenes tour of the Stella Carakasi Design House.

IMG_1849 IMG_1854  IMG_1867 IMG_1848

Admittedly, we were a little nervous that we’d be celebrating by ourselves, and we were delighted when so many folks showed up to celebrate with us! We chatted with lots of friends and customers, some who have been with us since our inception. The buzz at the party was palpable, and the food was both delicious and gorgeous (thank you Allegra, Charlene & Stephanie!)

IMG_1931 IMG_1875IMG_1879 IMG_1873 IMG_1959 IMG_1945

At 4:30, Councilmembers Wengraf and Capitelli presented the Mayor’s proclamation recognizing the company’s 20th anniversary and celebration of the Stella Studio. They acknowledged the importance of supporting local businesses, as well as the revitalization of the Gilman area. Thank you for supporting our business, City of Berkeley!

IMG_1890 IMG_1895   IMG_1904 IMG_1898

Stella also welcomed everyone and introduced Lama Lakshey and The Joru Foundation. We were thrilled to be able to present a donation to support their cause. A portion of our online sales are dedicated to efforts such as this one, so remember that shopping is good for the soul, but also good for community and humanity!

IMG_1901 IMG_1919

Everyone started winding down around 7pm, except for our wound up children. To the left: my fashionista son, Brandon, and me. To the right: my daughter, Jordan, next to Lexi, Stella and Steven’s daughter. The little ones get along famously BTW. The three of them represent the next generation of Stella Carakasi 🙂

IMG_1939 IMG_1941

Before we cleaned up, we all plopped down on the couch to savor the moment. It was a monumental effort on all fronts to get to today, and the team was elated. We want to thank EVERYONE who has supported us along this journey, including our customers, friends and family members, and especially our partners in crime: Ramon Garcia & Crew (painting & construction), Bart Schultz/Vital Signs + Graphics (new signage), Kumar/VPrint (new biz cards & envelopes). We couldn’t have come this far without you!!

IMG_1869 IMG_1968  IMG_1929 IMG_1975

THANK YOU ALL for celebrating this very meaningful moment in our company’s history with us. We hope you will be there for many more to come! CHEERS!!

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  1. Ladies,

    Thank you very much for attending our grand opening and for loving what it is that we do. I always design with you in mind, the real women!

  2. congratulations! I have loved my clothes from you- you are quite a talent- enjoy your new space! Leslie Usow

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