24 Hours

Well, no one was in a particularly good mood this morning, so we all decided to take a few deep breaths, do our best to smile, and go with the flow. The tiniest change at this point either launches a person over the edge, or causes them to shrug their shoulders in surrender. Either way, it all has to get done.

Day 9: Tuesday, July 30th

This morning got off to a slow start, not because people were slacking off, but because of the natural order of things. Meaning, the store had to be completely finished before it could be cleaned, but the racks in the store still had to be hung from the ceiling, along with the pipes and curtains, etc. And the crew was making curtains and button holes as fast as they could sew, and we were still sourcing all the pipes for the various drapes, etc.

IMG_1777 IMG_1770IMG_1789 IMG_1779

We got the crew to clean out of the back of the store first, so we’ll clean and merchandise back to front. Finishing touches like sparkling windows and shiny brass will set the stage for these eager-to-be-busy mannequins, now waiting impatiently in the wings.

IMG_1784 IMG_1793

We love our new curtains! Luxurious faux suede in grays and deep red, and peek-a-boo white chiffon. These will bring some welcome sensuality and texture into the space. Stella says, “Look at me!” and smiles triumphantly as the crew admires her climbing technique. We are surprised at how nimble she is, but she IS wearing flats, after all…

IMG_1805 IMG_1804

At 3:00pm, we finally start moving racks into the space. It will take at least 4 hours to merchandise the store, so it will be a long, long night ahead of us. We’ll need the time in the morning to make tweaks, finalize signage and details for the party. But it will all come together in the next 24 hours!

IMG_1812 IMG_1813 IMG_1809 IMG_1815

Despite the little dramas of the day, we’ve made some great progress on all fronts, including in our Design House. We now have some accent walls and everyone has been charged with cleaning up their space. Here’s Allan, quite pleased with the day’s results.

IMG_1785 IMG_1786

Some NEW news: We are honored that Lama Lakshey Zangpo, the Vice Principal of The Joru Foundation, will be attending our reception! Stella went to Tibet with Lama Lakshey earlier this year, and we are planning a separate event in the Fall to raise awareness about his organization. In the meantime, a portion of our online proceeds are dedicated to Joru.

2013-06-16 17.26.11 2013-06-16 22.44.02

Ok, I’m off to help the team, so I’ll sign off for now. We all look forward to seeing you tomorrow, so come ready to shop and celebrate!!

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