Oh No! Two Days to Go!

Vivian here feeling the tension as it gets down to the wire… it’s laser focus from all team members, doing what it takes to get the many jobs done. We are reprioritizing tasks on a daily and hourly basis now.

Day 8: Monday, July 29th

Yesterday was not a rest day. We have 2 more days until our grand opening, and last minute changes are taking up precious time to sort out and implement. Take the storefront trim as an example – it was too light, so we had to repaint it one shade darker this morning (no, it was not an option). Triple espresso anyone?

IMG_1761 photo 9

We also found out this morning that the new hanging bars are different sizes, so Stella had to reconfigure all the hanging racks and shelves against the walls. Stella and the crew look pleased (not).

photo 6 photo 20

Well, while we were at it, we thought we’d also refresh the Design House. Call us crazy, but I guess that’s how we’ve gotten to where we are after 20 years running — big ideas and balls-out-drive to make the impossible happen. Unfortunately, the wires got crossed and the crew thought we were painting the walls off-white instead of shades of gray. Oops. Got to get more paint ASAP (and can someone pick up a new plant, please?!)

photo 5 photo 1

On the positive side: Furniture is arriving and Nancy, one of our Sales Associates, is prepping the clothes to be merchandised in the store. Once the crew finishes, we’ll get the store cleaned from top to bottom. Then we’ll move in!

photo 18 photo 11

Even more positive: Red is the accent color in our new brand color palette. It represents our fire, our passion, our conviction, and we LOVE it. You’ll start seeing it in our new logo, and selectively throughout our new visual and store design. Here are our new, puffy, perky pillows and couch. Great for relaxing, lounging, and admiring new outfits!

photo 16 photo 17

On a closing note for the day, I want to commend this crazy great team for always going above and beyond to make the very best happen. There are examples of this every day, but many more lately for obvious reasons. Here’s a photo of our incredible team! And Yarra, painting panels of Stephanie’s design sketches to decorate our store.

photo 24 )-Spring_1_2013 019

Rock on, team! And, thank you!!

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