TGIF : Rolling into the weekend!

Vivian here with some exciting news for our Stella Studio Grand Opening on Wednesday, July 31st. Berkeley Councilmembers Susan Wengraf and Laurie Capitelli confirmed that they will attend our event, and Susan will read the Mayor’s proclamation recognizing our 20th anniversary and the opening of the Stella Studio! Woohoo!

Day 5: Friday, July 26th

I’d like to introduce Ramon Garcia, the big boss and grand hoo-ha in charge of this very able crew. He had us working first thing in the morning, double-checking paint colors, fixture placement, etc. He is quite pleased with the way things are coming together and promises that the store will be completely painted by Saturday. Wow.

IMG_1679 IMG_1674

Last walls to be plastered. Enough of the plaster already. But, thank goodness for the plaster! At least this is a nice photo pairing that highlights Stella’s outfit and smile (note the coffee, an essential for both the remodel and the smile). Her fabric order just arrived today (whew!), so all the curtains will be made over the weekend (thank you, Pauline)!

IMG_1675 IMG_1682

Looking in the back room where we’ve stored all the “stuff”… When the shelves and the mirror finally go up, the outlet will have such a cool look with the handcrafted iron and wood work. This whole custom-made set got a bit lost in the old store, so we’re hoping to give it the right environment to shine. Haven’t figured out the paintings for the walls yet, but we have some ideas in the hopper…

IMG_1699 IMG_1700

The storefront got a good scrub-down today in preparation for the new paint job. Being the clean and organized person he is, Steven is quite pleased with the cleanup and has given his nod of approval. We are using three shades of gray for the front, along with a new sign that will be installed next Tuesday. Folks who know the old store will have to blink 3 times before entering!

IMG_1701 IMG_1684

What’s the plan for next week? We have to pull all the pieces together AND merchandise the store for the opening. And oh-by-the-way, we are also simultaneously ensuring we have samples for our upcoming Spring 2014 photo shoot and trade shows, finalizing tech packs for our Fall 2014 collection, freshening up the Design House, and more…

You guessed it – at this point, coffee doesn’t cut it. We’ll need something with a stronger kick soon, but we’re smiling all the way to the end zone (and darn, those goal posts keep moving)!!


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