What a Difference a Day Makes

Wow. Vivian here amazed at the difference a day makes. We are slowly watching our vision come to life, with each beam that gets painted and each wall that gets plastered. When you create a new concept, it’s all on paper and in your dreams. You make decisions based on what you think is best, revise it along the way as things change, then you hope to god that it all turns out like you envisioned… or better.

Day 4: Thursday, July 25th

IMG_1617 IMG_1616

Now that the new color palette is locking in and we are starting to move the large shelving, the space is starting to feel really different. Cool, calm, coordinated, contemporary. The new has gained a foothold; grounded in a whole new reality.

IMG_1663 IMG_1662

We are a team that obsesses about details. We each have a different department, of course, but we do a great job sharing our talent. If a seam is off by 1/32″, if a pole is not hanging exactly even right to left, if we have a misspelled a word by one letter, or if an image is not cropped perfectly, it can send us into a frenzy. Every day we laugh at ourselves, but appreciate the results that our collective obsessiveness brings. Thank goodness the crew is anal retentive, too (we say that with respect and pride, by the way 🙂

IMG_1669 IMG_1665

So going back to the team thing, what I love is a team that works hard and plays hard together. We are each great and passionate at what we do, but we are at the same time, opinionated, open minded and highly collaborative. The result is that we each push each other to be the best we can be individually, and as a team, our outcomes are as great as they can be. I live for this stuff, and this crew shows what sheer focus, laughter, singing, and a “can-do” attitude can accomplish in just a mere 4 days. Dang.

IMG_1499 IMG_1673

To close the day, check out the before and after of the back corner of the store. I love the way the gray and white brings out the hints of blue/green in the wood and the coppery brown metal. This was one of those things that we “thought” would work, and we are thrilled that it’s turning out better than we had hoped for. The entire back of the store will look cohesive and beooootiful (intentional misspelling, by the way 🙂

See you tomorrow with a little more oxygen in the system. We are (well ok, Steven is) finally starting to breathe…

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