The Countdown Begins!

We have 7 more days until the Stella Studio grand opening, and we are pressing forward intensely. Fabric is being ordered and shipped, furniture decisions are being finalized (order it rush!), and new light fixtures are causing a little drama with the electricians.

One thing we know from this business, is that you can plan and plan and plan, but things always change in the last minute. So, we are well rehearsed and going with the flow. And ultimately, things can change all they want in the end, as long as the result is better and we haven’t broken the bank.

Day Three: Wednesday, July 24th

Ok, enough of the plastering, but there is still more to be done. I think it takes a couple of inches to cover over the hue of that yellow/orange. Let it be covered forever more, and may it never, ever see the light of day again. Yarra, who is our Director of Customer Engagement in charge of our stores, passionately agrees.

IMG_1573 plaster 

It just occurred to me as I looked at all the ladders and contraptions, that one really has to be at one with heights to do this job. As I click through the space in my heels everyday, snapping photos right and left, the gentlemen laugh from up high. I appreciate how amusing life might be from a birds-eye view. Wish I had that kind of objectivity everyday!

IMG_1605 IMG_1603

Back on earth, feet safely planted on the ground, Steven (president, CEO, founder, owner, grand hoo-ha, etc. etc. etc.) ponders what to do and who to order around next…

IMG_1598 IMG_1593

Wow, what a difference some plaster makes to a space. Just wait until we get the walls textured and painted! See the before and after of the main wall that connects the Stella Studio to the Outlet space in back (yes, there’s going to be an outlet!)

IMG_1460 IMG_1600

As sign off for the day, make sure you save the date for the grand opening – July 31st from 4-6pm at 1370 10th Street at Gilman in Berkeley. It promises to be a great event, so bring your family and friends to celebrate with us!

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