What is the Stella Studio?

Vivian here wondering if you are wondering what the Stella Studio concept is all about? Here are a few answers and a few more photos of today’s progress!

Because the Stella Studio is adjacent to the Stella Carakasi Design House, we thought it would be fun to create a new concept that was a store, but also a gathering place for the community that gave our customers access to our creative process.

What does that mean? Think about it as an art studio. We have our finished work to showcase and purchase, but we also invite folks to preview the next collection as well as our works in progress. Have an appetizer and a drink, and tell us what you think. And, you can always explore in the back room for some delightful treasures.

So, Stella Studio = current Stella Carakasi collection + previews of the next collection + sample sales & trunk shows + discounted items in the outlet in the back. We’re also planning some fun events for local customers such as having Stella talk about design inspiration, style sessions with our stylists, and fundraisers for community organizations.

Of course, we’ll share this all online for our wider community (including our outlet items… more on this later ­čÖé So here’s where we are so far…

Day Two: Tuesday, July 23rd

photo 7IMG_1520 copy

Holy, moly we are rockin’ and rollin’! Walls are getting plastered, beams are getting painted. The more orange/yellow that gets covered up, the more we see the potential of this transformation.

photo 2photo 5

Our new color palette includes neutrals with a color pop, which is in line with our color philosophy for our clothing. You’ll see play with shades of gray; contemporary, clean and modern with a little edge. Think cool canvas that comes alive!

IMG_1518 copyphoto 6

At the end of the day, there is still more work to be done and more decisions to be made. We measure material, mark off walls for shelves, and obsess about every little detail that goes into creating a great store experience.

IMG_1560 copy

Stella in the Stella Studio at the end of the day. No more coffee in the coffee pot!

Until tomorrow…

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