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Meet Allegra, Stella Stylist & Customer Service!

… It’s been said to me more than a few times “you are the only one able to pull THAT outfit off” and that statement used to confound me.  Being a “thinker” I spent many years trying to figure out what that really meant, until one day I said, “screw it” and decided to enjoy that statement as a compliment.  

It took me a while to recognize my passion, because I tried to explore the “practical” employment choices — but somehow I always fell back into fashion. Almost 5 years ago, I found myself working with a small and dynamic group of people in the highly competitive world of fashion. I am part of the team behind the Stella Carakasi label. When you call our office, it is my voice you hear. I am the customer service representative, and fashion, style and design are in my blood!

My great grandmother sewed and created her own patterns. She could look at something and recreate it by memory. This is a skill I have, but have yet to fully hone. My grandmother sewed almost everything she wore and she had a great sense of style and color, yet another skill passed down to me.

My mom sews with precision and has a great sense of proportion and size. She has a sensual relationship with quality fabrics that she has passed to me. Therefore, it only seemed logical for me to end up in the clothing industry. I am a product of my ancestry and environment.

My continuing campaign is that personal style IS important. We all go by first impressions and therefore it is ideal to put your best foot forward. I LOVE to dress people, but more than that, I love helping people realize their style and inner as well as outer beauty.

I love to take risks with my personal style and I also recognize that not everyone wants to take risks. But, every woman needs someone to help her step outside of the box and try something new. Style is about constantly learning new things and feeling confident and excited about it.

I can wake up one day and wear ripped up jeans a white tank top and combat boots, and the next day wear a black silk 40’s inspired slip dress with lace insets — and both are “me”.  I consider myself a type of artist and people are my canvas.  Shapes and colors inspire me. I enjoy and thrive at the challenge of opening up a person to the wonderful world of personal style.

What I finally realized is people always enjoy looking and feeling good and I want to be a part of that development.  Okay, what it really boils down to is, I like to look at pretty things and I want the world to be pretty!

Going forward, I will be blogging about style tips to help our customers see different options for enhancing their personal style, including highlighting clothing from the Stella collection, how to accentuate the positives for different body types, and how to feel fabulous all day, all week!

>> What styling tips do you want to read about?

This is just one voice from the Stella Carakasi team: Allegra Alvarado, Customer Service 

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