The Feeling of Falling in Love

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Fall always seems to evoke strong emotion for people when it comes to fashion.  Sure spring is exciting, a boost of color, a romantic pattern to break you out of your drab winter hibernation, but nothing is as poetic as when you first see a woman dressed in a wool coat.  It stirs something primal in each of us, reminding us of times past of being in doors with friends and family for the holiday.  There is an overwhelming sense of belonging when you start to see stores roll out their fall products; it feels like falling in love for the first time.  We had the same feeling here when we started unpacking our Fall 1 collection.  From the edgy cool of the Ciera Jacket and ponte Pencil Skirt to the quiet sophistication of the Reflections Tunic it was love at first sight!  It makes the staff at the Stella Carakasi store inspired to re-invent our personal style, layering a crisp white button down shirt with our object of desire skirt/dress for starters.  It gives an otherwise voluminous silhouette some structure and gives the collegiate feeling that tends to be a signature of fall.  We hope this collection inspires you with the same sense of longing, warmth, and nostalgia.

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