Introducing Our Signature Label: Stella Carakasi

Two Star Dog Inc. is pleased
to announce the launch of our signature label Stella Carakasi

In our quest to offer a more focused lifestyle-driven collection, Two Star Dog Inc. has transitioned its women’s label TSD/ Two Star Dog into the Stella Carakasi signature label. Not just new in name alone, Stella Carakasi is a collection of refined pieces that combine European architectural influences with the casual California lifestyle.
Luxe natural fibers like Boiled Wool, Alpaca, Silk, Tencel  ®  and Cotton Metal Sateen are kicking off the Fall 2012 collection. Texture, hand, fabric manipulation and surprise details give true meaning to the specialty garment concept.   Eco fabrics like Bamboo, Hemp and Tencel ®  will play an important role in the Stella Carakasi collection.
The release of the Stella Carakasi label falls on the one year  anniversary of our signature boutique in the Rockridge district of Oakland, California. The retail experience has allowed us to connect with you and discover your point of view on fashion, trends and the shopping experience. It really has helped us find our voice and, in a way, we have come full circle.

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