How to Discover a Great Tailor

Few relationships in our lives can be as impactful as the one we have with our tailors. These are the people we turn to when we want to restore a precious keepsake style or look polished and sharp. The key to looking great in your clothes is not the amount you spend, but making sure they fit correctly. For a small investment a tailor can actually save you a great deal of money in the long run. But how do you find one? The last thing you want to do is bring all your precious garments to a tailor only to experience mediocre results. We are going to let you in on a little secret. Here is our list of recommendations for finding your wardrobe’s new best friend:

Ask your dry cleaner.

Take heed however if they work at the dry cleaning shop. Tailors that work in the dry cleaner can be less skilled than those who run their own tailor shops.

Search for men’s tailors.

Men’s suits are extremely complicated. If a tailor is skilled enough to make a men’s suit, they are certainly skilled enough to alter your dress. Not all men’s tailors work on women’s garments, but it is worth a try!

What to do if you think you found a winner?

First, bring them something that needs repair but you do not care about. That way you can try them out before they alter something more valued, and you  can evaluate their turnaround time. This also provides an opportunity to get a feel for the tailor’s temperament. A good tailor will provide what you ask for and give honest feedback about how your alterations will turn out.

Other Helpful Tips:

Do not be afraid to ask what they can do. Sometimes a tailor will amaze you with their skills. Have you ever heard of re-weaving? Neither had I until I asked! Re-weaving is the process of sewing together little holes in fabric. You will never know if you don’t ask.

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